Touches Limited is a reputable offline editing house that is entirely owned and operated by a team of experienced editors. Founded in 1987 in Hong Kong by editors Nelson Ng Fong Lim and Adrian Brady, Touches initially started its operations with two Steenbeck film editing machines and a modest sound studio. However, our dedication and expertise quickly propelled us to become one of the leading editing studios in Asia, earning us numerous prestigious awards and attracting top directors from the region.

Currently, our team comprises a significant number of highly capable in-house offline editors, along with a considerable group of skilled in-house online editors. We cater to clients from various parts of the globe, ensuring their diverse editing needs are met. Throughout the years, we have achieved remarkable success, securing countless advertising accolades at esteemed events such as Cannes, D&AD, CLIO, Adfest, Spike Asian, London International, New York Festivals, HK4A's Kam Fan, Long Xi, Times Asia-Pacific and Mercury Excellence Awards.

With access to our cutting-edge offline and online editing facilities, comprehensive in-house audio suites, advanced Color Grading technology, and proficient 2D & 3D animation capabilities, we proudly offer a seamless post-production solution that spans the entire creative process, from storyboarding to the delivery of the final copy. Furthermore, we have expanded our service portfolio to encompass a diverse range of creative endeavors, including entertainment performances, event planning, marketing strategy, advertising campaigns, promotional shoots, film production, exhibition displays, public events, and brand endorsements. Our company places a paramount emphasis on talent development, offering a broad spectrum of job opportunities that gradually cultivate generations of creative and production specialists.



Nelson is one of the founders of Digit Digit Ltd. and Touches Ltd. He has utilized his talent to the post-production industry for more than 30 years. He started his career as a film editor and SFX supervisor for TV commercials, and successfully became one of the top craft winners in multiple award shows such as Cannes, Clios, Spikes, ADFEST, Kam Fan and London International Awards.

For the last decade, Nelson’s work has diversified into multimedia productions. He and his associates delivers design concept with content creativity, for he believes the creative idea plays the key role in any Digital Production. Since 2012, he has been the project director of the ‘Macau International Parade’, in charge of project execution, stage and multimedia projection design. In 2008, he was appointed as one of the production supervisors in the ‘Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games’, and in 2014, as the Director of planning of the national live broadcasting show ‘Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China’, all with precise effectiveness and great success.








  • MERCURY Excellence Awards
    TWGHs Corporate Branding Video 2022
    Videos - DVDs, URLs & USBs: Animated Promotion - The Best of Category Grand Award
    TWGHs Corporate Branding Video 2022
    Videos - DVDs, URLs & USBs: Animated Promotion - Gold Award
    Social promotion campaign for TWGHs Corporate Branding Video 2022
    Promotion.Marketing: Branding/re-branding - Bronze Award
  • Galaxy Awards
    TWGHs Corporate Branding Video 2022
    Videos - DVDs, URLs & USBs: Animated Promotion - Gold Award
    Social Media Promotion Campaign for TWGHs Branding Video 2022
    Promotion: Brand Identity - Silver Award
  • 10th ROI Awarding
    XiaoMi "A8" (Digit Digit Ltd.) - Finalist
    Canon M5 "RealPower" (Touches Ltd.) - Finalist
    Nescafe "Shakissimo" (Touches Ltd.) - Silver
  • 9th ROI Awarding
    Wheelock - Capri (Digit Digit Ltd.) - Silver
    Coca Cola_Coke With Food (Touches Ltd.) - Finalist
    Wheelock_Capri (Touches Ltd.) - Silver
  • 8th ROI Awarding
    Canon Powershot "G7X" (Digit Digit Ltd.) - Gold
    Homantin Hillside "Homantin Hillside" (Digit Digit Ltd.) - Copper
    HKT "Corporate TVC" (Touches Ltd.) - Gold
  • 7th ROI Awarding
    Canon "G1X" (Digit Digit Ltd.) - Silver
    PTT "Transformer" (Digit Digit Ltd.) - Gold
    Canon "Full Framer" (Digit Digit Ltd.) - Gold
    Titus "Time Tree" (Digit Digit Ltd.) - Finalist
    Canon "Full Framer" (Touches Ltd.) - Copper
    Canon "The Art of Movement" (Touches Ltd.) - Silver
  • HK4As Kam Fan Awards
    Canon EOS 6D "Lighter, Stronger" - Merit



Touches Limited
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